About us

COST provides networking opportunities for researchers and innovators in order to strengthen Europe’s capacity to address scientific, technological and societal challenges. At COST, there are three strategic priorities: Promoting and spreading excellence, fostering interdisciplinary research for breakthrough science and empowering and retaining young researchers and innovators. COST implements its mission by funding bottom-up, excellence driven, open and inclusive networks for peaceful purposes in all areas of science and technology.

Who can participate?

Researchers and innovators from universities, public and private institutions, NGOs, industry and SMEs. Particular emphasis is placed on activities involving researchers from less-research-intensive COST Countries (ITCs) with a view to increasing their participation.

Researchers from Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries can also take part in a COST Action on the basis of mutual benefit.


COST does not fund research, but provides support for networking activities carried out within COST Actions. In this way, it coordinates nationally funded research. COST invites researchers across Europe to submit proposals for Actions through a continuous open call, no matter what their field of interest.

COST brought a new dimension to my career and to my research project. Instead of working in one university, I am working at a European scale.

Dr Maxime Hervo

Networking tools

Meetings, workshops and conferences

These are organised by the COST Action management committees in any COST country participating in the network and are open to the entire scientific community.

Short-term scientific missions (STSMs)

These are exchange visits between researchers in the network which enable scientists to visit an institution or laboratory in another COST country.

Training schools

They offer training in a relevant or new subject at one of the Action’s laboratories which provides unique equipment and/or know-how.

Dissemination activities

COST encourages and supports Action participants to disseminate the outcome of their research to other COST science and technology networks, the wider scientific community, policymakers, the media, and society at large, through publications, electronic media, news releases, events, success story releases, etc.

Conference grants

These grants help PhD students and early-career investigators from Inclusiveness Target Countries attend international science and technology related conferences that are not organised by a COST Action.