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6 M

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Financial overview

COST is financed as a Coordinated and Support Action (CSA) in the form of yearly renewed Specific Grant Agreements within a seven-year Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) under Horizon 2020.

The budget dedicated to COST comes from two Horizon 2020 Work Programmes, namely Work Programme Part 13 (Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies) and Part 15 (Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation). The total contribution of Horizon 2020 for the period between May 2018 and April 2019 amounted to € 45 389 000. COST is a global framework whose core activity is the networking of researchers and stakeholders from public and private institutions, NGOs, industry and SMEs. It carries out its activities on a multiannual basis, which means the networks funded by the COST Association – the COST Actions – run for four years and are implemented under decentralised management, namely the COST Grant System.

Expenses financial year May 2018-April 2019

(€ 45 389 000)

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