Brain circulation and empowering young researchers

Annual Report 2019

2019 Annual Report highlights

Welcome to our 2019 Annual Report, ‘Brain circulation and empowering young researchers’.
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About us

Find out more about COST, including what the programme provides, who can participate and how to get involved.


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Foreword from the Director of the COST Association

“Sharing and spreading knowledge across scientific disciplines, countries and sectors advances ideas as much as it creates opportunities for people. One of COST’s strategic priorities is to help young researchers and innovators to grow professionally.”


Ronald de Bruin


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Interview with the President

“2020 will be a crucial year for the EU’s research and innovation landscape, when discussions on Horizon Europe will reach their final stage. Concluding a satisfying deal for COST with the EU institutions is one of the main priorities of my mandate. It is key that COST expands its global reach.”
Paulo Ferrão
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Interview with the Vice-President

“A future ERA priority is to promote knowledge and brain circulation at all levels (national, EU, global) and help reduce the undesirable phenomenon of brain drain. COST serves as an appropriate instrument here, providing networking opportunities for researchers and innovators to strengthen Europe’s capacity to address scientific, technological and societal challenges.”
Tea Glažar
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Highlights of the year

From COST researchers being awarded a Nobel prize, an Emmy and The Oscars of Science, 2019 has been a bumper year for good news. There have also been many great initiatives with South Africa becoming COST’s first Partner Member, an Innovators Grant and much more…
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Stories of Success

Discover how participating in COST activities positively changes the lives and careers of researchers and innovators.
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Key figures

An in-depth look at the data behind the COST programme, including budgets, the number of running Actions and profiles of COST Action participants.
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Our events in a nutshell

Find out more about the many events that COST attended and hosted during 2019.
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Reaching the world

COST Actions featured in over 479 articles in specialised media outlets and 290 in the mainstream media.
Discover the top stories from 2019